Karen Miranda Abel

Art Never Sleeps Studio Pillow

Art Never Sleeps Studio Pillow

The machinery is always going.
Even when you sleep.

~ Andy Warhol

March 2012
shopAGO, Art Gallery of Ontario

Limited edition multiples created for Gift Shop Gift Shop, a special exhibit at the AGO gift shop in conjunction with Toronto NOW: A Collaborative Project with Sean Martindale and Pascal Paquette, curated by Katherine Dennis.

Inspired by Warhol’s 1966 Silver Clouds installation, the Art Never Sleeps Studio Pillow offers even the most tireless artist momentary respite from the constant call of art production.

Created as a symbol of artistic solidarity, the ANS Studio Pillow acknowledges the unseen and often unsupported work carried out by artists during sleepless studio nights. Lone artmakers can rest their heads knowing that, like Warhol’s perpetually moving ethereal sculptures, the collective work of dedicated artists everywhere ensures that art is never really at rest.

Equipped with a silver cord, the pillow can be hung in an artist’s studio — away from art media and dust — where it functions as both a handy cushion and Warholian sculpture conversation piece.

Silver lamé pillow case hand printed with solvent-free, water-based ink. Pillow form handmade from 90% reclaimed materials (recycled white cotton bedsheets and pillow filling).

Limited quantity available for purchase. Email contact@karenabel.ca